Sebastian Quinn

Hermetic Alchemist & Adventurer


Sebastian is tall and lean. He has short, brown hair. His clothes are comfortable and worn. He drives around the world in a small, slightly rusted, blue pickup truck. It has a white cover over the bed and is full of alchemy tools. His favorite tools, however, are a sharpie marker, a wand, and his wits.


Sebastian is the idealistic type. He believed in his upbringing, he believed in his schooling, and he believes in his future. He brings this attitude everywhere he goes. Not everyone appreciates it. When you spend your days getting chased by ghosts and goblins it chafes to have such positivity around. But he also brings a wealth of knowledge and very strong wards.

He sought out a school he discovered himself one day. Originally he was following curious titles in the library at NYU, that led him walking through the city looking for magical signs among the buildings, and landed him in front of one of the remaining Hermetic chantries: The Walter Knight College of Antiquities and Library.

He studied chemistry, warding, the living and spirit, and what tied it all together. He also studied mechanics, swordplay, languages, geography, history, and anything else he could put himself in front of. The average tenure at the school is three years for accepted students (one and a half for honorees); Sebastian stayed five.

Ultimately, the dean sent him on a mission to document and learn more about how the world has changed, gave him a small old blue pickup, a stipend, and sent him unto the world (and out of the school).

Sebastian will befriend and help just about anyone. He has more of a realistic attitude than most give him credit for. Ultimately, he is out and about to learn, and help and protect. But the world has enough troubles in it already, so he keeps his mood light.

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Sebastian Quinn

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